EUPO Course

The EUPO 2015 course will take place in Vienna, Austria in conjunction with the SOE 2015 congress.  EUPO, European University Professors of Ophthalmology, is the organiser of the annual course for residents in training.  The courses were established in 1988, involving an annual structured subspecialty in ophthalmology.  Most of ophthalmology curriculum is covered over a 4 year period to allow residents to get an overview of theoretical knowledge during their residency period.  Every second year the EUPO Course is organised in connection with the SOE Congress.

The course will be on UVEITIS (Friday, June 5) and GLAUCOMA (Saturday, June 6)

• Uveitis, organiser Carlos Pavésio
• Glaucoma, organiser Carlo E. Traverso

Initial programme is as follows:

Friday, 5 June 2015
European University Professors of Ophthalmology,
EUPO Resident’s Course 2015
Course Director: Carlos Pavésio, United Kingdom
Uveitis: The Basics and Beyond

Moderator: Carlos Pavésio, United Kingdom

Section 1: Basic concepts
Immunologic mechanisms, Gerhild Wildner, Germany
Molecular techniques as diagnostic methods, Stephan Thurau, Germany
Imaging in uveitis, Carl Herbort, Switzerland
Uses of elestrophysiology in uveitis, Graham Holder, United Kingdom

10.00-10.30 Break 

Section 2: Anterior segment
Anterior uveitis: general considerations, Nicholas Jones, United Kingdom
JCA + paediatric uveitis, A Heiligenhaus, Germany
Herpetic ocular disease, Bahram Bodaghi, France
Other viruses and anterior uveitis, Nikos Markomichelakis, Greece

12.10-13.20 Lunch

Section 3: Posterior uveitis 1
Toxoplasmosis and parasitic infections, Carlos Pavésio, United Kingdom
Tuberculosis and Syphilis,  Philippe Kestelyn, Belgium
Viral retinitis, Bahram Bodaghi, France
Endophthalmitis Per Montan, Sweden
Lymphoma and masquerade, Phuc LeHoang, France

Section 4: Posterior uveitis 2
Intermediate/pars planitis, Talin Barisani Asenbauer, Austria
Birdshot retinochoroidopathy, Phuc Le Hoang, France

15.40-16.00  Break

Section 4: Posterior uveitis 2 (cont)
Retinal vasculitis: general considerations and differential diagnosis, Manfred Zierhut, Germany
Behcet’s disease, Ilknur Tugal-Tutkun, Turkey

Section 5: Therapy
Local therapies, Carlos Pavésio, United Kingdom
Management strategies for chronic uveitis, Richard Lee, United Kingdom
New therapeutic modalities and biologicals, Piergiorgio Neri, Italy
Surgical management, Marc de Smet, Switzerland

Saturday, 6 June 2015
European University Professors of Ophthalmology, EUPO Resident’s Course 2015
Organised by the European Glaucoma Society
Course coordinators: Fotis Topouzis, Ingeborg Stalmans, Carlo Traverso

 Session 1: Surgical management
1) Getting prepared, John Salmon, United Kingdom
2) Getting the surgery right, Ingeborg Stalmans, Belgium
3) Handling postoperative troubles, Carlo Traverso, Italy

Session 2: Monitoring and Treatment decisions
1) Zen or Maniak? How frequently should we monitor and the relevance of RoP, John Thygesen, Denmark
2) To treat or not to treat, that’s the question for OHT and glaucoma suspects, Norbert Pfeiffer, Germany
3) Medical treatment or surgery, that’s the question.
A choice of treatment in glaucoma based on RoP and other factors, Stefano Gandolfi, Italy

Session 3: Diagnosis (and impact on Quality of Life)
1) Tonometry Today, Tony Hommer, Austria
2) Pearls of Perimetry, Anders Heijl, Sweden
3) Structure made Simple, David Garway-Heath, United Kingdom