Exhibition Technical Manual

Exhibition Technical Manual and Order Forms

Please click the following link to access the SOE 2015 Exhibition Technical Manual:
Technical Manual 2015 FINAL April 2015

(official contractor for the provision of shell scheme and shell scheme accessories and exhibition services).

Please click the following link to access the order forms for services provided by the official contractor – MAW:

Please click the following links to access the General Order Forms (Contact Information, Stand Drawing Submission, Risk Assessment, Bar Code Readers and Staff):
SOE 2015 Order Forms – General
Order Form – Hiring Staff

Please click the following link to access Order Form

Official Freight Forwarding Agency

Meritex International Ltd has been appointed as the official forwarding agency for SOE 2015 for temporary importation of goods for the Exhibition.

Please contact them directly for the delivery address, prices and all necessary information.

Meritex International Freight Services Ltd
T: +44 1392 454999
F: +44 1392 454998
E: jana@meritex.co.uk
Contact: Ms Jana Savcenko


Please find Shipping Tariffs – SOE 2015 Tariff

Please find Shipping Instructions – Worldwide Shipping Instructions SOE Vienna 2015

We strongly recommend you contact Meritex International Ltd directly to discuss the best solution for your shipment.